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​Tees Components and GreenSpur form Strategic Collaboration to develop new Generator

17 Jan 2019
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Following a meeting at Global Offshore Wind in Manchester in June, work is now underway to build a new direct drive generator at Tees Components facility in North Skelton

GreenSpur Renewables has developed the world's first ferrite-based Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Generator (DD-PMG) capable of reliable multi-MW generation. It is a low-cost innovation that replaces scarce and expensive rare earth magnets (£40 per kg) with cheap and abundant ferrite (£1 per kg) magnets. The design has been identified a potential “Game Changer” by the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult.

Tees Components have been appointed to source and manufacture parts for a pre-production 250kW stage of a 1MW unit. The generator is being assembled in a custom unit on the North Skelton site and Tees Components and GreenSpur will be collaborating on generator assembly. The 250kW stage is scheduled for testing at the ORE Catapult in early 2019.

According to Sharon Lane, MD of Tees Components, “Working with customers to develop innovative new concepts is something that we like to do at Tees. We have staff, facilities and a variety of skill sets that we can bring to the table. Our staff are very excited at being involved in the development of this potentially revolutionary generator concept”.

Andrew Hine, Commercial Director at GreenSpur added, "Scaling up short term production in the UK could create 200 new manufacturing jobs plus a further 70 in the supply chain. If the technology is deployed at the 2GW to 3GW level, it could lead to the creation of over 3,000 new UK jobs.”

GreenSpur plans to unveil a >10MW generator design in early 2019.