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Visiting or Working at Tees Components - Update

18 Jun 2020
Mandatory Handwash Stop Sign Tees Components Covid Prevention

June 2020 update : What can you expect from a visit to Tees Components?

First of all - do you need to come?  We're normally hospitable types as you know, but for now we are still limiting visits to Essential Only.  Please talk to us about how we can accommodate you on a video call for a meeting, provide photograph or video of your components, etc. so that we can keep site visits to a minimum.  We are sorry but we cannot accommodate sales visits from suppliers at this time.

If you are visiting us, please give us plenty of notice.  We have barrier-controlled entry, and staff have a daily diary of expected visitors who they know have received our on-site procedures.  All visits must therefore be pre-arranged.

When we book you into the diary, we'll send you our on-site procedures.  These include our 100% mandatory face covering policy, our one-way system, use of washrooms, etc.  We are sorry we are unable to offer you hot drinks or food at the moment.  If you do need refreshments or accommodation, we can direct you to local facilities.

Thanks for working with us, and we look forward to being able to offer our usual welcome, before too long.